How can I customize the content of my printed asset tag labels?

Tracmor features a basic bar code label printing feature, which allows you to print simple asset tags containing a bar code and human-readable version of the asset tag. However, some organizations need the ability to include additional information on their asset tags, such as their company logo, the model name and/or model number, or custom field values.

Example of a Basic Asset Tag

Example of a Custom Asset Tag

Designing and Printing Custom Asset Tags

Because Tracmor is only capable of printing basic asset tags, you will need to use a third-party tool to design and print customized asset tags. For this, we recommend a free tool called Avery Design & Print. You can follow these steps to create your custom labels:

  1. First, you'll want to determine which Avery label product will work best for your needs. We usually recommend Avery 6576 or Avery 6577 labels. A few factors to consider when selecting a label stock are:
    • Laser or Inkjet Printer - Make sure to get the appropriate labels for your printer type.
    • Label Size/Shape - Make sure the labels are large enough to fit all of the text, barcode(s) and images you plan to use, but small enough to fit on your assets.
    • Permanent or Removable - Make sure to choose the appropriate label type for your use case.
  2. Next, you'll need to export a CSV of the assets you would like to create labels for. When exporting, make sure to include the Asset Tag and any other fields you would like to include on your custom labels.
  3. Visit and find the Avery product you are using by searching on the product number (e.g. 6576). In the search results, you should find your product listed, along with a link to Design & Print Online. Click this link to launch the tool.
  4. Select a design from the many choices provided by double-clicking it.
  5. Next, use the design tool to add any static images or text that you would like to appear on every label, such as a company name and/or logo.
  6. To include a bar code on your labels, expand the QR and Barcodes menu and click Add Barcode. Select Code 128 from the drop-down list of barcode formats, and then click the Merge button to upload the CSV file you exported from Tracmor earlier. Be sure to select only the Asset Tag field for this merge. Once the merge is complete, you can position the barcode where you'd like it to appear on your label.
  7. To include other Tracmor fields on your labels, expand the Import Data (Mail Merge) menu and click the Start Mail Merge button to upload your CSV file (if you already imported your CSV to add a barcode, you'll need to use the blue Back button to go back and select the additional fields you want to add to your label). Next, drag and drop the fields you want to include on your label and click the Complete Merge button. Once the merge is complete, you can position the text where you'd like it to appear on your label.
  8. Once you've finished arranging your image(s), barcode(s) and text to your liking, click the green Preview & Print button. Verify that the labels look correct and click the green Print button to print your labels. We recommend doing a test print to a blank sheet of paper first to avoid wasting the more expensive label stock. 
  9. Be sure to Save your design so that you can quickly and easily print new labels in the future. 


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