How do I perform an Asset Audit and create Asset Audit Reports?

No data will appear under the Asset Audit Reports and Inventory Audit Reports screens until you have completed your first Audit using the Tracmor Portable Interface located at

If you have not assigned your user a PIN code yet for the Tracmor Portable Interface you can do so by logging into Tracmor and visiting Admin->Users, then click on a user and check the box next to Portable Access. You will then be allowed to provide a secret PIN code that you can use to log into the Tracmor Portable Interface.



Once you have assigned your user a Pin to use with the Portable Interface and you want to perform an Asset Audit you must first log into the Portable Interface located at:

Once you have logged into the portable interface click on Manage Assets and then click on Asset Audit to view the Asset Audit screen.

At the Asset Audit screen please use these steps to specify the location and asset you are auditing:

1) Manually type a location with your keyboard or scan the location bar code label if you have one present. 
2) Push enter on the keyboard (may not be needed if you are using a bar code scanner which automatically enters a carriage return after each scan). 
3) Manually type an asset tag number with your keyboard or scan the Asset Tag bar code label if you have one present. 
4) Push enter on the keyboard (again this may not be needed if you are using a bar code scanner). 
5) Enter another asset tag number to proceed with the audit OR click on the Done button to complete the transaction.

Tracmor will notify you if any of these items you have input are invalid.

Note: The reason for using an input box at the Asset Audit screen rather than a dropdown menu is that the Portable Interface was intended to be used with a barcode scanner equipped device that is capable of swiftly scanning the location tag and then the asset tag without requiring the user to carry around a mouse or keyboard.

Once you have completed your Asset Audit using the Portable Interface as described above please log back into the main Tracmor interface at and click on Reports and then Asset Audit Report to view your report results.

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