Should I back up my data?

Although there is no need to create a backup because all data is redundantly secured and backed up through the Amazon Web Services hosting platform, you can export data files if you want to keep a copy locally using Export CSV.

To download a .csv data file from any tab (except Reports):

  1. Click on the tab of interest.

  2. Click on the three small black dots at the top right corner (on the header bar).


  3. On the drop down menu, click on any attributes to be included — anything in bold will be downloaded into a .csv.

  4. Click Export CSV to download a current snapshot.

  5. Tip: Save the file with a descriptive name and put it in a folder for storing your backups.

Note: Only the data in the displayed columns will be included in your exports. Transaction history is not included in Asset and Inventory exports, so these exports should not be considered a complete backup of your Tracmor data.

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