How do I track an asset that is moved from one location to another?

Keeping asset data current is important for tracking. When an asset is moved from one location to another, record the move as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Assets tab and click on Move Assets on the shortcut menu.

    Note: if assets are to be moved to multiple locations over time, list only the assets moved to one location at a time, then repeat all steps for the next location.
  2. List the moved assets indicated location by one of two methods:
    a) If you know the asset tag number, type it into the Asset Tag field and click Add (located to the right of the field) after entering each number.
    b) Or, click on the magnifying glass icon to display a list of assets (use search or click on the Advanced Search link to filter the list). Click on the box next to each asset to be moved (a check mark will display). Once the list is complete, click Add Asset.
  3. Select a location to move assets to using the drop down menu.
  4. Add a note to explain the reason for the move.

To complete the transaction, click Save (directly below the heading). A confirmation screen describes the details of the move: today’s date, your user identity, the explanatory note, and a list of the item(s) moved.

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