How do I reserve an asset?

There are several ways to reserve an asset, depending on the information at hand.

Note: Only assets that are available and not locked to a parent asset can be reserved. 

If you have already located the asset to reserve:

  1. Click on the asset tag number to display the asset record.
    1. Click on Reserve (below the editable fields). The Reserve Assets screen will display. Note that the asset to be reserved is already listed under “Assets to reserve”.
    2. Under “Assets to reserve” you can add assets by entering an asset tag and clicking Add after each entry. Or, you can click on the magnifying glass and select additional assets by clicking on the box next to each asset to be reserved so that a check mark displays. (If needed, use Search or Advanced Search, located in the upper right corner.) Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Add Asset.
    3. Add a note that describes why the asset(s) are being reserved.
    4. Once all the assets to be reserved are listed, click Save (located below the heading). A screen confirms the date and time the asset(s) were reserved, and also displays the user and the explanatory note.

To reserve an asset from the shortcut menu:

Navigate to the Assets tab and click on Reserve Assets on the shortcut menu. Then follow the steps above, beginning with step 3. 

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