What is a model?

A model is a class of assets that have particular attributes in common. The four basic attributes that describe any model are:

Category: The generic category that apples to this asset

Manufacturer: The manufacturer’s name

Short Description: The model’s name

Model number: This is usually the part or model number

 Diagram of a Model:

 How do I create a category?How do I create a manufacturer?What is a short description?How do I create a model number?


For example, the model for a particular laptop would include the following fields: 

Category: Computer

Manufacturer: Dell

Short description: Latitude

Model number: E5520

Additional (optional) attributes can be added to more fully develop the model. You can add custom fields (navigate to the Admin tab, click on Custom Fields), or add more information into these two already defined fields: 

Long Description: A more detailed description.

Image: An image of the model.

To see an illustration of how a model is a basic building block for each unique asset record, also see the new user orientation.

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