How do I archive an asset?

Archiving records is a snap, but please note that only assets with no pending operations can be archived. That is, the asset must not be checked out or reserved, and no shipment can be pending. 

To get started:

  1. Navigate to the Archive Assets screen as follows: Assets > Archive Assets.
    Note: Another way to arrive at this screen is to click on the asset tag number of the item to be archived. Notice the Archive tab (below the editable fields) and click on it. The asset to be archived will be listed in the new display.
    Note: If the asset cannot be added because the asset is locked (Parent Asset field displays a lock icon), click Edit, then click Save to unlock.
  2. Under “Assets to archive” add assets using method a or b:
    a. Add assets by entering an asset tag number and clicking Add after each entry.
    b. Or, click on the magnifying glass to select assets by clicking on the box next to each asset to be archived – a check mark indicates that the asset is selected. (If needed, use Search or Advanced Search, located in the upper right corner, to narrow the selection.) Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Add Asset.
  3. Add a note that describes why the asset(s) are being archived.
  4. Click Save (below the heading) to finalize the transaction. A screen confirms the date and time the listed asset(s) were archived, and also displays the user’s name and the explanatory note.

Once archived, an asset will no longer display in a list or in the results of a regular search. To include archived records in a search, click on the Advanced Search link (upper right corner) and click on the box next to “include archived.

Archived records are restored by navigating to the Assets tab and clicking on Unarchive Assets in the shortcut menu.

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