How do I unarchive an asset?

To unarchive an asset:

  1. Find the asset (using method a or b).
    Note: all assets will be restored to the selected location. If you wish to restore assets to multiple locations, carry out all steps for each location.
    a. Navigate to Assets > Unarchive Assets and click on the magnifying glass icon. Click on the box next to the asset tag number of the asset(s) to be restored to a particular location. When the asset list is complete, click Add Asset (below the list).
    b. Or, navigate to Assets > Assets and click on the Advanced Search link in the upper right corner. Important: be sure to click on the box next to “Include archived” in the advanced search options. Note in the search results that archived assets are identified by a file cabinet icon, and a screen tip identifies who archived the asset. Click on the asset tag number of the asset to be restored and then click Unarchive (located below the descriptive fields).
  2. Once an asset has been selected, the Unarchive Assets screen displays. Note: If other assets are locked to the selected asset, they will also be added to the list.
  3. If any additional assets are to be unarchived to this same location, repeat step 1a until the list is complete.
  4. Select the location to which the assets will be unarchived to. 
  5. Add an explanatory note in the note field.

Click Save (located below the heading). A confirmation displays the date and time the listed asset(s) were unarchived, and also displays the user and the explanatory note.

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