How do I search for an asset?

To search for an asset in your asset list click on the Assets tab to view the Asset Search screen: (continued below)


From the asset Search screen start by entering criteria about the asset you are searching for in the search filter at the top of the asset list. Typically you would search for an asset by the Asset Tag number or the Model type but you can also use Tracmor to search for the specific asset by Location, Category, or Manufacturer. When you have finished entering the criteria such as the Asset Tag number click on the Search button to show a list of matching assets.

For more search options click on the Advanced button in the upper right corner of the Asset Search screen. This will allow you to specify more options such as the Model Number, who the asset is currently checkout to by, who the asset is currently reserved by, show only assets that are past due, specify a search range by created date, specify a search range by modified date, show only assets with attachments, or search by a custom field that your Tracmor admin may have created.

If you are searching for an asset and it does not appear in the asset list try clicking on the Advanced button and then check the boxes for Include Archived, Include, To Be Received, and Include Shipped as these assets are not normally included in your basic asset searches.

Screenshot 1: Finding the Advanced button to access the Advanced Search page:


Screenshot 2: Using the Advance Search screen to include assets that are currently in the location "To be received", archived, or shipped:


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