How do I configure asset depreciation?

To enable Asset Depreciation you must first create an Asset Depreciation class in the Admin section of Tracmor.


1) First click on the Admin tab to go to the Admin screen.




2) From the Admin screen click on the Depreciation option in the shortcut menu.


3) Start by creating a new Depreciation class. You will need to enter a Depreciation Class Name, select a Depreciation Method, and provide the life in months for the deprecation calculations. Click Save when you have finished.




 4) Next enable the depreciation option by checking the box for Enable Asset Depreciation:depreciation3.jpg



5) Next click on the Assets and then click on Models in the Shortcuts menu. Create a new Model or edit an existing model and you will now see the option of selecting the depreciation class from the Model details screen.



6) Once you have selected the Depreciation Class for a model, you can then begin entering the required values to calculate depreciation for assets associated with that model. Click on the Assets tab and then click on an asset tag number to bring up the Asset details screen for that particular asset. Click on Edit and then you will be allowed to enter values for the Purchase Cost and Purchase Date.


7) Once you have saved the Purchase Cost and Purchase date the current Book Value will then automatically be calculated and displayed for you.


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