How do I set up contact information?

Creating company profiles — and contacts, as needed — is the key to keeping track of shipping and receiving transactions.

Opportunities for adding new company information are available under the shipping and receiving tabs (look for the plus icon next to the text field), but this section focuses on how to create records using the shortcut menus under the Contacts tab.

When you are ready to create a new company record:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts tab and click on Create Company.
  2. Type in the company’s name in the Company Name field. (Note: you can click Save at this point and add information later.)
  3. Optional: Add a description, website address, email address, telephone and fax numbers as needed.
  4. If you add information to any address field, all the fields associated with the address are required. Tip: Type a descriptive name in the Address Name field to distinguish it from other addresses for the same company. Examples of address names include warehouse, distribution center, or central office.
  5. Click Save.

Note that when you click on the company’s name all the addresses are listed at the bottom, by address name. (For the list view, click Contacts > Companies, then click on the company’s name.)

Once you create the new company record your options are:

  • To edit information, click Edit
  • To attach documents, click Attach
  • To add contacts, click Create New Contact
  • To add addresses, click Create New Addresses
  • To delete the profile, click Delete

Another option is to import data.

  • For companies, you can import a .csv file that includes one or more of the following headers: company name, description, website, email, telephone, and fax number. Note: address information must be entered for each company individually.
  • For contacts, you can import a .csv file that includes one or more of the following headers: Company, first name, title, email, description, office phone, home phone, mobile phone, fax

For details, see “How do I import data?”.

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