How do I create inventory?

Creating inventory is similar to creating assets: the building blocks that make up the characteristics of an inventory item are associated so that the item can be tracked and managed.

To create inventory:

  1. Ensure that the applicable category has already been created. (If not, add the category by navigating to the Admin tab and clicking on Categories on the shortcut menu.)
  2. Ensure that the applicable manufacturer has already been created. (If not, add the manufacturer by navigating to the Admin tab and clicking on Manufacturers on the shortcut menu.)
  3. Navigate to the Inventory tab and click on Create Inventory on the shortcut menu and select the applicable category and manufacturer from the dropdown menus.
  4. Enter a unique description in the short description field. It is important not to re-use the same inventory model short description.
  5. Enter an identifying number in the inventory code field. A part or product number is a good choice. The inventory code displays as a link for this item so that transactions can be recorded.
  6. Click Save.

Once the inventory record is created, the next steps are to track how the inventory is stocked. For those steps you will want to make sure applicable locations and contacts are in place.

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