T1-Can I use a barcode scanner with Tracmor?

Tracmor works with any barcode scanner that can both read a barcode and “paste” the value into a text field, usually via a USB or Bluetooth connection.

You can use a barcode scanner to enter a number directly into Tracmor: place the cursor by clicking in the appropriate field – typically the asset tag field – then scan the barcode, and verify the number was read correctly. This method is useful for creating individual asset records.

Once the asset tag number is in Tracmor, a barcode scanner can also be used to find that record: click on the advanced search link, place the curser in the asset tag field – then scan the barcode. The search result will appear at the bottom of the search page.

Using a barcode scanner to create a list that can be imported into Tracmor.

You can quickly create lists in a spreadsheet such as Excel or a word processor like Notepad or Word and import the list into Tracmor.

To scan barcodes for import: 

  1. Place the cursor in the text field – making sure that the scanner is set to include a carriage return.
  2. Scan each item.
  3. Save the data in the .csv or .txt file format.
  4. Ensure that all the associated asset locations and models already exist in your Tracmor database. (As needed , add new locations and models before importing.)
  5. If using Excel for the .csv file, add a column for location and specify the location for each asset tag. Then add a column for the model and specify the model for each asset tag.
  6. If using a .txt file, create data sets that include the asset tag, location, and model, delimiting each value with a tab or comma.
  7. Import the data set.
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