Can I update data by exporting it and importing the modified file?

Yes, data can be updated several ways, and exporting it, modifying the data, and importing the file is one option.

Note: To update only a few records, the most direct way is to use the edit function. Navigate to the asset, for instance from list view under the Asset tab, and click on the asset tag number. Click Edit, make changes, and click Save.

To make more extensive changes, consider editing an exported data file:

  1. Select a list of records to be exported. For instance, create an asset list by applying a search (or advanced search) filter.
  2. Select the columns to be exported. To do this click on the three dots in the upper-right side of the screen to select from the dropdown menu. Only bold items are exported. You can click on any of the columns to bold and unbold. Please note that the â€œID” field must be bolded to complete an update as Tracmor requires this information to properly re-import your data.
  3. Click Export CSV (at the bottom of the dropdown menu).
  4. Open the downloaded Excel file and edit as needed.
  5. You can delete any rows that were not edited.
  6. Save the file in CSV format when you are done making changes.
  7. Import the updated CSV file by navigating to the Assets tab and clicking on Import Assets on the shortcut menu.
  8. Be sure to click on the Create and Update Records options at the Upload Import File screen. 
  9. After completing the Create and Update Records transaction check to make sure your changes to the Assets were made as intended.
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