How do I create new categories?

You can add one or more new categories by navigating to Admin > Categories. There, you will find three options: New Category, Import Categories, and Quick Add.

If you type a category name in the text field and click Quick Add, it is added without any additional details. Note: the default for Quick Add is that the new category is available under both the asset and inventory tabs - both boxes are checked. To add a description later, click on the category and add text to the Description field.

If you click on New Category, you can enter the category name, a description, and specify if this category pertains to assets, inventory, or both by checking the appropriate box(es).

If you click on Import Categories you can import a list of categories from a .csv or .txt file. 

  1. Prepare the data file. The file — usually Excel — must contain a list of categories in a column, and can also contain a second column with the category description. Be sure to save the file and close it before beginning the import process.
  2. Click Import Categories. Note: The default settings are correct for Excel files: Comma separated is selected and the text delimiter is “None".
  3. Click Choose File and navigate to the file containing the new data. Once selected, the file name will appear to the right of Choose File.
  4. Click the Header Row box only if the column(s) in your file contains a header. Ideally, your header should match the Tracmor field - this verifies a one-to-one correspondence.
  5. Under Import action, select Create Records, then click Next.
  6. Check for correspondence of fields in “Step 2: Map fields and Import”. For the first column “Tracmor Field”: only two fields are available: category name and category description. The “Header Row” column displays your header if you checked the header box. The “Default Value” column is your opportunity to map a field if all the values are the same. For instance, if the description for every category you are importing is silver, select “Category description” from the Tracmor Field dropdown menu and type “silver” in the Default Value field. Note: the “Row 1” column displays the value that is being imported from your file.
  7. Click Import Now.
  8. Check the import results. Note: A report of any records not imported is available if you click the link.
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