How do I create a custom field?

Tracmor provides the capability to add customized fields, adding flexibility to meet your organization’s specific needs. A user with administrator permissions can create custom fields and set a full range of specifications.

To begin adding fields, navigate to the Admin tab and click on Custom Fields in the shortcut menu. Click New Custom Field to access the following options.  

  1. Field Name. Type a descriptive name (you will be able to sort by this name in list view).
  2. Field Type. The field type determines how the information displays. The three options on the dropdown menu are: Text, Select, and Textarea.
    Note: Once you select a field type you will not be able to change it.
    Text is the simplest format, and it creates a fixed text box with no text box control.
    Select creates a drop down menu. If you click on select, you can add dropdown menu choices once you click Save - then type Selection Options, clicking Add after each addition.
    Textarea creates an input box that supports line breaks and that can be expanded both horizontally and vertically using the handle in the lower right corner.
  3. Apply to pertains to the tabs (modules) in which the custom field will display. Click on the box next to each applicable parameter.
  4. Enabled allows you to turn the custom field on (box checked) or off (box not checked) with a click.
  5. Required allows you require that a value is entered in the custom field. To enable, click on the box to show a check mark.
  6. Searchable — if checked — includes the custom field in advanced searches.
  7. Default Value is only enabled if the “Required” box is checked. If a default value applies, enter it here.
  8. Skip this step if you did not check the box next to “Assets” in step 3.
    Determine which models the custom field applies to: click on the button next to All Models or on the button next to Specific Models to select only those that apply. To specify, select one model from the dropdown menu, or click on the looking glass icon to check the box next to each model to include, then click Add at the bottom of the list. You can view the added models at the bottom of the page. (You have the option to click Remove, as needed.)

Click Save (near the top of the page) to create the custom field.

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