How do I generate monthly shipping and receiving reports?

  1. To export monthly shipping and receiving reports in Tracmor you would first go to the Shipping tab in Tracmor and then click on the Advanced Search button on the right side of the screen.
  2. From there you would select Date Modified "Between" in the dropdown menu and enter your date range for the month you would like a report on.
  3. Click on Search to apply the date rang filter and your report can then be exported by clicking on the three black dots at the far right of the screen and selecting Export CSV to begin downloading the monthly shipping report.
  4. Next click on the Receipt tab and again click on the Advanced Search button to enter your search criteria for the month by selecting Date Modified "Between" and entering the date range for the month.
  5. Click on Search when you are done. Now click on the three black dots again and select Export CSV to download the Receipt report.
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