How do I print to a Zebra Label Printer from Tracmor?

Tracmor supports exporting to a CSV file which you can then use to print your asset tag labels from the ZebraDesigner software.

Start by exporting your Asset list with the asset tag and asset model name columns included to a CSV file which you can then import into Zebra's label editor software called ZebraDesigner.

If you need help with exporting to a CSV from Tracmor please see this article:

If you need help with importing from a CSV file into ZebraDesigner please see this document which explains how to use a CSV file containing your assets to print to a Zebra printer using the ZebraDesigner software.

Specifically see page 137 in the manual explains how to use the ZebraDesigner Text File Wizard feature.

Link to ZebraDesigner PDF Manual:

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