What do I need to know about manufacturers?

The three identifiers that define an Asset Model are Category, Manufacturer, and Model Number, and they are related in this manner:


The ideal sequence to building an asset model follows, and the relevance of this article is highlighted in red:

  1. Create or import Categories. (You can also enter categories one at a time.)
  2. Create or import Manufacturers (For importing manufacturers, the relevant categories must already be created.)
  3. Create or import Model Numbers (In this step you associate a specific manufacturer and category to a Model Number.)

Note: Manufacturer may seem related to another set of information that you enter as "company," but there is a clear distinction in how Tracmor defines these for the purposes of asset and inventory tracking:

  • Manufacturers are related to asset models; that is, manufacturers produce the assets and inventory.
  • Companies are related to contacts and are used for shipping and receiving.

This article describes everything you need to know about manufacturers:

Note: Options for creating and editing manufacturers are accessed through the side menu. If the side menu is not visible, click on the square to the left of Global Search at the top of the screen. Clicking this icon allows you to show and hide the side menu.


Creating one manufacturer at a time 

When you click on Manufacturer (located about half way down the side menu), two sub-menus are available. This section describes the options when you click on Create Manufacturer


In the Create Manufacturer dialog box you have two options to indicate a Category - you can choose one that was already created, or you can create one. 

  • To choose a category, place the cursor in the search box and tap on the space bar - a list of categories will become available that you can choose from, as shown by the long red arrow).
  • If you need to add a new category, click on the (blue) plus icon and the Create Category dialog box will all allow you to do that "on the fly."

Once the desired Category has been chosen, add a Manufacturer Name (required) and an (optional) Manufacturer Description

Click on Save. A message will verify that the manufacturer has been added, and an updated manufacturer list will appear, as described in the next section.


Another way to add one manufacturer at a time is “on the fly” any time you see this option - just click on the plus icon to get to the same dialog box above.


Importing a list of manufacturers

Navigate to the Manufacturer List view by clicking on Manufacturer>Manufacturers


As the circled areas show, the Manufacturer List view provides many options.


Note: Clicking on the (blue) plus icon opens the same dialogue box described in the previous section.


Clicking on the (green) down arrow icon is the first step in importing a list of manufactuers.


Having clicked on the down arrow icon, you will arrive at a dialogue box from which you can download a standard file to import manufacturers by clicking on the download icon (tan). The file will include any custom fields you created for the category module.

Note: Clicking on the (blue) imported file list icon shows the files already uploaded.


Open the downloaded file, preferably in MS Excel. Note that the column headings match the fields in the Create Manufacturer dialogue box (and will include any custom fields you created).

List one Manufacturer Name (required) for each row and a Category Name to be associated with this manufacturer (required). Do not skip any rows. Manufacturer Descriptions are optional.

Important: Category Name(s) must already have been entered before listing them in the spreadsheet. For more information on categories and how to enter or import them, please see the article on categories listed below.


Save the file with a descriptive name. Click on Choose File to navigate to the saved file and once the file name appears instead of [No file chosen], click on Upload File.


Once the file is imported, you will receive a status report via the Imported File List showing the number of manufacturers that were not successfully imported; they are indicated as “Skipped.



To determine the error, download the file by clicking on the link in the skipped column. In the example above, the link is the number 1. 

Note: Clicking Undo removes the imported values. This option is only available for the most recent import.

Creating a filtered manufacturer list using search

Note: Manufacturers are not searchable through the global search function at the top of the application window.

To search for manufacturers or create a filtered list, navigate to Manufacturer>Manufacturers (from the side menu)


From his view an unfiltered Manufacturer List will appear below the search function. You can refine the list using the search function to apply the following filters: Manufacturer Name (based on a Category), Available or Archive status, and the date (created or modified). Once you have indicated your parameters, click on Apply Filter. The new Manufacturer List will be filtered accordingly. 


Archiving manufacturers

Applying the filter in the search function (described in the previous section) is a quick way of creating a list of items you may want to archive or un-archive. Once you have created the list as described, you can select items by clicking the check box next to each item.

Note: Clicking on the box at the top of the column selects all items in the list.

To archive (or unarchive) the selected items, click on the yellow icon in the upper right hand corner.


Archived information is still searchable and can be made available again (unarchived).

Deleting manufacturers

As shown below, you can delete one manufacturer at a time while editing. You can also mass delete manufacturers by selecting manufacturers from the Manufacturer List view by clicking the check box to the left of each manufacturer to be deleted and then clicking on the (red) trash icon. 

Applying the filter using the search function (as described above) is a quick way of creating a list of items you may want to delete. Once you have created the filtered list, you can select items by clicking the check box next to each item.

Note: Clicking the check box at the top of the column selects all items in the list.



Exporting the manufacturer list

If you need a record of manufacturers you have entered you can export a list by clicking on the export icon in the upper right hand corner. The list downloads as an MS Excel spreadsheet and includes all manufacturers.

Note: The spreadsheet is password protected and cannot be edited without the password that Tracmor sent to your account admin.


Editing manufacturers

You can edit a manufacturer from the Manufacturer List view, which is displayed when you click on Manufacturer>Manufacturers (from the side menu). 


From here, you can search for the desired manufacturer as described above or close the search function by clicking on the icon shown by the top red arrow so that more of the list is visible.

Once the manufacturer is located, click on the Manufacturer Name, which is a link to editable information, as indicated by the red arrow in the lower left:


When you click on the Manufacturer Name link your options are to Edit, Delete, or Cancel:


If you click on Edit, you can:

  1. Change the Category by clicking on the "x" of the current Category, and finding another Category from the drop down menu (place the cursor in the field and tap on the space bar for a list). 
  2. Add a new Category by clicking on the (blue) plus icon.
  3. Edit the Manufacturer Name. 

Be sure to click on Save to save changes.


If you click on Delete, you will have a chance to reconsider!



Adding Custom Fields

Your tracking system can be expanded to include the information important to your organization; simply add custom fields, as needed. Navigate to Settings>Module Field List Settings (located near the bottom of the side menu).


Of the 10 modules that you can add custom fields to, click on Add Custom Field for Manufacturer. See the article on creating custom fields (linked at the end of this section).



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