How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling your subscription is as easy as logging in to your customer portal account, scrolling down to "Subscription," clicking on "manage," and clicking on "cancel subscription" (twice), as shown below.

Before you cancel, if you would like to call us to sort out an issue, please do! We are based in California (Pacific Standard Time), and our customer service reps are available 9 to 5 weekdays at (760) 429-7479.

Important Information

  • Cancelling your subscription automatically removes all your data, so be sure to export your data before cancelling. Deleted data cannot be recovered!

  • The following steps can only be carried out by the account owner admin (or anyone with the account owner admin's login credentials / email address and password).

Cancellation step-by-step

1. To cancel your Tracmor subscription, log in to your Customer Portal account:

  • Navigate to the Tracmor website ( and click on "Customer Portal" in the upper right hand corner,
  • Within your Tracmor application, click on Admin and select Upgrade Plan:



2. Once logged in, scroll all the way down to Subscription and click on Manage (see red arrow below):


3. Click on "cancel subscription."


4.  Finalize by clicking on Cancel Subscription in the next window (see red arrow below):


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