How can we move assets in Tracmor

This article takes you through everything you need to know about moving assets in Tracmor. 

Move operation helps you to move the assets from one area, location to another area, location in Tracmor.

You can see the option to move assets on the top right corner of the View Asset (asset details) page. Another option to move assets will be available on left side bar also under the section ' Asset'.  The navigation path is Assets  -> Move Assets


Click on Move (upper right hand corner) of the View Asset page to arrive at the Move Assets page.



Please follow the below steps to perform the Move Assets operation:

  1. Provide the required information:
    • Select the new Area from the dropdown menu if it is available, or add a new Area by clicking on the ( blue ) plus icon. Enter the new Location in the same manner. 
    • Enter a Note regarding the assets being moved.
    • Tracmor will take default transaction date as current date. However if you wish to record a past transaction you can select a previous date from the calendar.
  2. To add more assets to this list, either enter the Asset Tag for that asset and click on the light blue plus icon or search for one or more Asset Tags by clicking on the ( purple ) search icon. Once assets to be added are selected by clicking on the check box next to each Asset Tag on the filtered search results, click on Add Asset to return to the Move Assets page.
  3. Remove any unwanted items from the list by clicking on the red trash icon in the column labeled "Action."
  4. When the list is complete, click on Save ( or, cancel the action by clicking on Cancel ).
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