How can we move assets

Move operation helps you to move the assets from one area, location to another area, location in Tracmor.

To move assets, click on Move Asset in the side menu under Asset tab. The navigation path is Assets  -> Move Asset

Clicking on Move Asset will take you to a screen where you can select the assets you intent to move. After selecting assets by clicking the check box near asset tag, click on the Next option in the bottom right of the screen.


This will take you to a screen named ' Confirm Asset List ' and then again click on ' Next ' to navigate to the screen where the other details are to be entered. 


Move to Area* - Choose the area from the dropdown menu, to which the assets to be moved.

Move to Location* - Choose the location (refinement of the Area) from the dropdown menu, to which the assets to be moved.

Note - Enter any note or reason for this specific asset transaction, if needed. This is not a mandatory field.

Transaction Date* - Current date will be automatically available in this filed. But if you are recording a past transaction please be sure to choose the past date.


Click on Submit and you will see the message " Assets moved successfully ".





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