How can a barcode scanner speed things up?

Tracmor works with any barcode scanner that can both read a barcode and “paste” the value into a text field, usually via a USB or Bluetooth connection. To set the scanner up, follow the manufacturer's instructions, and then "pair" the scanner with the internet-connected device you use for Tracmor.

A barcode scanner could come in handy if you want to:

  1. Scan the barcode of an item for any transaction, such as checking in, checking out, reserving, moving, or even finding the item in Tracmor.
  2. Scan a list of barcodes into a Tracmor standard import file that you download from Tracmor - just be sure to scan the numbers into the column that corresponds to the type of information this number represents: e.g. serial numbers, asset tags, inventory codes, or any other type of number that you might want to enter into a custom field. (Be sure to also enter the associated required information before importing the file back into Tracmor.)
  3. Scan the barcodes of items being audited for a particular Area/Location for running a Tracmor audit and report.

In all these cases, place the cursor by clicking in the appropriate field (Excel spreadsheet or Tracmor field) and scan the barcode. Be sure to check that the number scanned correctly!

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