Building the Foundation Quickly - Import Overview

Importing data is the fastest way to build your asset tracking system, and Tracmor makes it easy by providing standard import files that you download, populate, and upload.

The import process is described in a series of articles numbered 1 through 12 below. Each article includes step-by-step import instructions for the particular identifier. The optimal import sequence — which takes into account all pre-requisite fields — stacks up like this:

  • WHO
  • WHAT 

When these are in place, the foundation for creating Asset Tags for your assets and Inventory Codes for your inventory is set to go, so you can track more and stress less.

If you like maps and details of how things fit together, the companion article to this one contains information that is "good to know:" Import Sequence – the Details.

Import Order


(click on links for detailed information)

1. States 

2. Areas

3. Locations

4. Custom Fields (Optional)


5. Companies

6. Contacts


7. Categories

8. Manufacturers

9. Model Numbers


10. Assets

11. Inventory

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